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Caravan Awning Repairs and Alterations

One of the main areas of our work is the increase and decrease in size of caravan awnings for customers who have changed their caravan and would like to keep their original awning. We can also carry out repairs, many of these involve replacement zips, repairing holes in your main canvas panels or replacing windows.

To successfully increase or reduce your awning you need to provide us with some accurate information. The first piece of information we need to know is the awning size of your new caravan. This will be stated in your new caravan's booklet or you can physically measure your caravan as outlined below. It's also helpful if you can provide us with your current awning size, although this isn't essential.

Measure your caravan as shown in the image provided. The measurement is from the ground up around the channelling and back to the ground A-A. If you are not sure please contact us for further advice. Please provide us with your measurement in centimetres.

A number of people assume that if they have a 15ft (4m 50cm) caravan and they buy a 17ft (5m 10cm) caravan that they need a 2 ft (60cm) increase, this is not always the case! It depends on the difference between the ground to ground between the existing awning and the new van - the new van may be 2ft (60cm) longer but it may also be 6 inches (15cm) higher thus needing an increase of 3ft (90cm)!

We alter awnings along the same principle that the manufacturers construct their awnings - all the work is carried out at each side of the roof section. The front of the awning is un-touched and two equal triangles of matching roof fabric are inserted (for size increases) onto each side of the original roof. This means we are restricted geometrically by the amount we can increase the size of the awning to 27" (70cm) for Isabella or Trio awnings and 36" (90cm) for any other brand. Your poles do not need to be altered although we would suggest that when increasing an awning to over 30ft (9m) that five roof rafters are used. 

Awning reductions are a little different in that we are restricted by the construction of certain models; often we need to check the design on a case-by-case basis. In the majority of cases we are able to reduce awnings by 20" (50cm) for Isabella or Trio awnings and 27" (70cm) for any other brand.

We always try to use fabrics from the manufacturers, but as some manufacturers do not make matching cloth available to third parties we endeavour to use fabrics with the best possible match of shade. We can, of course, match the actual quality of the original fabric.

We also repair and maintain awnings by replacing zips, windows, mudwalling, pegging rubbers, eyelets, re-springing poles as well as patching tears and holes.

Please use our repair booking form to book your damaged awning in for repair. This greatly speeds up our handling of your awning repair when it arrives at our repair centre.

If you would like to speak to us about your repair call us on 0131-564 1000 or use our enquiry form to email your query.

Zip Repairs From
Replacement zip slider £35.00
Replace straight zip £65.00
Replace barn door zip £65.00
Replace side panel zip (2 sliders) £65.00
Replace side panel zip (4 sliders) £90.00

No Profile System Repairs
e.g. NR, Bradcot, Trio

Replace piping £50.00
Awning reduction £125.00
Awning increase £160.00

Profile System Repairs
e.g. Dorema, Isabella, Pyramid

Replace piping £70.00
Awning reduction £135.00
Awning increase £190.00

Miscellaneous From
Small simple patch or re-sewn seam £45.00
Large panel patch £55.00
Replace window £75.00
Replace a few pegging points £45.00

Prices include Value Added Tax at 20% however exclude the return postage costs.

Please note that all sizes given on this page are approximate. Measurements for caravans and caravan awnings can appear confusing at times as it's common practice to refer to certain parameters in imperial units and others in metric units. We've hopefully helped by quoting all measurements in both imperial and metric formats.