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Tent Pole Repairs & Replacements

As well as offering an extensive textile repair service for all sizes of tents, we are also able to help with any tent pole repairs and replacements that you may need. For almost all tent brands we can usually supply individual pole sections or whole pole sets.

We are able to offer you the following tent pole services -

  • Full reshocking service of fibreglass, alloy and aluminium pole sets.
  • Replacement pole section service for fibreglass, alloy and aluminium pole sets.
  • Full range of Easton pole sections and fitments available for purchase. 
    We're the only UK tent repairer who imports the legendary 7075 aluminum tent poles from Easton Technical Products of Salt Lake City.
  • Sourcing and supply of specific pole sections and sets for a range of brands.

If we do not stock the exact pole type that you require for your repair, we will almost certainly be able to offer you a like-for-like substitute that will still allow you use your tent as functionally as when you first bought it.

For more information on our pole repair and replacement services, please contact one of our repair team on 0131-564 1000 or use our enquiry form. If you're sending your pole set for repair or replacement please book your request online with our repair booking form

There's no need to send us your whole tent if all you need is a pole repair, simply send us the damaged pole set or pole wand!

Fibreglass Poles From
Replace first damaged section on a fibreglass pole wand £14.00
Replace additional fibreglass pole sections £4.00 each

Alloy Poles From
Replace first damaged section on a alloy pole wand £17.00
Replace additional alloy pole sections £6.00 each

Shockcord From
Replace shockcord on any pole wand £15.00

Prices include Value Added Tax at 20% however exclude the return postage costs.